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My Custom Launcher/Client Download

SERVER/CLIENT VERSION: v2i2.01 (i24) Foundations of Tomorrow (WIKI)

Song credits (Chiemsoft COHEASTRP launcher): Buy it now: Weezer - Hero (Single)

To download the COHEASTRP client and be able to log in, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the COHEASTRP client from here.
  2. Unzip COHEastClientInstall.zip to a folder
  3. You should now have COHEastClientInstaller.exe, COHEastClientInstaller-1.bin, COHEastClientInstaller-2.bin, COHEastClientInstaller-3.bin files inside that folder
  4. Run COHEastClientInstaller.exe, use the COH East RP shortcut on your desktop to login

BeefCake's Vidiot Map Mod (Shows enemy areas on map overlay and other more detailed information)

Click Here To Download BeefCake's Vidiot Map Mod

Point the Map Mod installer to the directory where you installed my launcher.


Join us on our discord server! COH EAST RP Discord!


Optimized Graphics for 1440p 155hz Monitors with 160fps(I have mine capped in nvidia control panel to prevent unused/wasted frames) on RTX 2070 Super or comparable